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Heaths 71


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Hello. I'm Heath, a long time spectator and first time poster. This is Rufus (named by my daughter), a 71 recently added to our family.


We picked him up a few months ago and have been in the process of getting him "tucked" in for Winter, so I can get back to the numerous other over-committed and under-completed projects (not cars) I have on my plate.

He still needs some assembly, but from what I can tell - he is complete. The restoration was started by the previous owner ages ago, but ... just like so many car projects evolve, this one too was never finished. I do think it would be a lot easier to reassemble if I were the one who had originally taken him apart. ... but I can't really complain too much - all the heavy duty work has already been addressed. My 12yo son is eager to get started on the little work remaining, so hopefully, come Spring, we'll have more to share.






Thank you for letting me share and I will try my best to avoid asking stupid questions without first searching the forum for answers. It is unlikely I'll run into any problems that haven't been solved by countless others over the years.



"Whether you think you can or you can't, you're probably right."

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Looks like a great project car. Please share the VIN (I'm guessing it is an "early" 71 based on the short rear bumper ends). Did the purchase include a cylinder head and intake/exhaust systems?

I have a nice rear window removed from my Agave '71 if you need it.

Your tail lights were installed upside down.

As Marshall indicated, there are plenty of RED 2002's here in the MD/DC/VA area.

Jim Gerock

Ruby Red 73tii built 5/30/73 "Celeste"

Riviera 69 2002 built 5/30/69 "Oscar"

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Thanks for the kind comments and offers.

I had been looking for many months for an affordable "beater" bimmer to replace my aging, yet trusty, saab 900. Every day, I would do my usual searches and considered looking at many of the local prospects - usually 3 or 5 series cars from the 80's. I leave the saab parked at a commuter rail station most of the time and only drive it from the train station to the office, then back in the evenings, and out for lunches. So, I couldn't get something too nice or it might get vandalized. One day, the CL ad for this popped up and I knew instantly it was too nice to replace the saab, but also too nice to pass up. :-/

Many of the other 2002's I considered before this required too much rust repair for the time I have available. ... and this one fit the bill. The previous owner started restoring it in the 80's, had the engine "professionally" rebuilt to Ti specs (which I still have yet to fully investigate what variation of parts this implies), began to reassemble it all ... ran into health/family problems, let the car sit in a garage for ages, ... didn't have any children (that I know of). ... and it was the color I wanted, it was complete (albeit in a truckload of boxes), and it was the same age as me. How could I pass? It also fit my (undisclosed) price point.

It isn't a flawless body. During some garage renovations in recent years, the work crew must have dropped some hammers or something ... the big quilted cover couldn't prevent the "dings" in the hood and trunklid. The PO was practically in tears admitting it took so long for him to even realize the damage had been done.

I have yet to go through all of the receipts he provided. Factory manuals were included. Some parts I have duplicates of because the PO replaced the originals back in the 80's but held onto them. So, some of those extra items will probably be showing up here or on eBay. From what I have inventoried, I don't think I need any item (beyond the basics to tear down and rebuild the bottom end and then get it running again). I do have a pair of black door panels still in the factory wrapper, which I think I will either sell or trade for some saddle ones at some point (the original rear panels really came to life when I applied some leatherique oil to them).

I think the biggest surprise of the purchase was the innocuous cardboard box that contained a "new" pair of Weber side draft carbs, with installation hardware, air cleaner boxes, etc. Don't ask me which ones they are - I haven't investigated them yet. They were never installed on the car. The 1bbl Solex and manifold were in another box. ... as were the front and rear glass ... and side glass ... and all kinds of other items. It took a weekend to sort through it all and wrap the items up.

The VIN is 25702xx, so yeah an early '71. I'm early '71 myself.

I have been admiring Marshall's car (and many of the others on here) - long before I happened upon mine. My son and I have also enjoyed your youtube videos of Summit Point. I take him over there for Karting a number of times a year. We are located south of Hagerstown and only 30-40 minutes from there.

I have found most bimmer forums to be invaluable. If I had the time, I could kill hours hours upon hours reading about the projects you guys have going on. I'm amazed. Even following some of the "simple" DIY fix-it projects is cool, because bimmer owners can be so maniacal about the details. I love that. (fyi - thanks Jim for the note on my taillights ... I have no idea how long it would have taken me to notice that, so I'm glad you pointed them out to me).

This isn't my first old car, just my first old bmw. I have a number of Chevy II's and Chevelles in my past. And my E39 may just be my favorite car of all time (so far) - particularly after driving it to and from Dundalk today and it never got me in a bind, but then it helps to not drive like an idiot, particularly when the roads are treacherous.

Anyway, that's my story. I'll hit you up with some stupid questions at a later date. Thanks to all for every uber-detail oriented how-to post.

Funny, the forums for my dodge truck rarely even have posts with complete sentences anywhere in them. :-) ... quite a contrast.

"Whether you think you can or you can't, you're probably right."

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