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Looking for vented front brake parts

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I had the suspicion that was your situation.

Stock 2002 brakes are awesome out of the box. Of course, the assumption is that the components are in good shape and the rear drums are adjusted correctly.

In ITB, 2002s are known to have an advantage in braking. ITB does not allow modifications in the brake size.

I have had stock 2002 brakes on my 69 track car, and even under track conditions and with R compound tires, I never ran out of brakes until I installed the M20.

For a street car, even driven aggressively, it is very unlikely that 2002 brakes lack braking power. What they may need is a good choice of pads and a proper adjustment. Good freash fluid helps too.

Rear discs have one advantage over drums. They don't need adjusting. But they don't provide additional braking power. In fact, if not adjusted properly with a proportioning valve, they may apply too much braking to the rear which is another problem. (Adjusting them is not that easy either.)

It would be a total bummer if your spent all this time and money on an "upgrade" and end up with "just as good" or even worse brakes than before.

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I get what you are saying but I just went through the whole braking system less than a year ago(new stainless brake lines, new calipers, new brake master cylinder, new wheel cylinders, and resurfaced the rotors and drums as they were newer but had a light coating of rust on them). While I was doing the brakes one of the drum adjusters stripped on me so I replaced it with with a different backing plate. I adjusted them as stated on zennons website and must have bled the brakes and master like 10 times but they still don't seem right. I'm only 17 and on my dads insurance and every time he drives the car he comments about the brakes. I told him it will never feel like a modern car but I still believe they aren't good. Sometimes when I'm driving and someone abruptly stops in front of me I don't have the confidence that I will stop before I rear end them. I don't tailgate or anything but if someone in front of you is driving 40mph and slams on the brakes when my car comes to a complete stop I see that I am a good 2-5 feet behind them. I just want to get some confidence that my brakes will stop the car if need be.

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pierre is right....stock 02 brakes work very well...even in race conditions....with the proper brake pads.

has someone who knows how 2002's are supposed to stop tested your car?

what kind of brake pads did you put in? hopefully not no-name from the auto part store or metal manglers. good brake pads and shoes make a HUGE difference in braking feel and performance.

have you taken at driving school that teaches braking technique? not picking on you....most people "think" they can properly use brakes, but actually do not.

nothing wrong with volvo vented brake setup. it works well and has no downside, but it is not really the solution to a perception of issues stopping a car in slow traffic like you have described.

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