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Brake upgrade parts, opinions welcomed


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I think I've managed to piece together most of my answers from information I found on the forum, but I still have a few gaps mostly regarding the booster.

I'm in the process of stripping down my '75 2002 for an M20 swap.

I would like to upgrade the front brakes, convert the rears to discs, and convert the system to a single line setup to keep things cleaner and easier to bleed (unless there's a good reason not to).

Here's a rough parts list, if anyone can spot anything on here which isn't going to work I'd appreciate any advice.

- Ireland engineering wilwood front brake kit

- Ireland engineering rear disc conversion kit w/handbrake

- e21 master cylinder (single line)

- New single lines (custom made?)

- braided soft lines.

What I'm not sure on is what brake booster to use - I saw mention of a tii booster being the same power but more compact, I also saw talk of a 5 series booster but could not tell what year. I also need to keep in mind clearance for the M20/manifold so probably can't fit an enormous non-stock booster.

Does this sound like a solid setup, or should I be looking at other parts?

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I don't think there's anything wrong with your list-

I'm cheap, though, so my version is Volvo calipers and E21 parts...

The rear discs are a taste thing- if you want them, do them.

They're not essential, and in my head, it's a wash- slightly increased

performance and pedal feel versus simplicity of 320 rear drums.


"I learn best through painful, expensive experience, so I feel like I've gotten my money's worth." MattL

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Perfect, thank you.

One more quick question - I'd like to try and sell off parts of my stock braking system. Should I cut the lines leaving a short piece of line & unions in-tact, or just remove everything at the unions?

Remove everything at the unions. I would not value highly second hand brake components where someone couldn't take the time to dismantle them properly.

rtheriaque wrote:

Carbs: They're necessary and barely controlled fuel leaks that sometimes match the air passing through them.

My build blog:http://www.bmw2002faq.com/blog/163-simeons-blog/

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