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So I'm having a few starter issues. I went to start it up tonight, and the starter was rotating slower than normal like the battery was almost dead, so I turned the car off, but the starter kept turning over. The engine was turning over, not just the starter. The starter slowly lost torque and then eventually died after about 2 minutes. I drove it last night, so it's not like it has been sitting for a while. This has happened once before, but the starter just hung up and I was able to stall the car to cut it off. This time it wasn't putting out enough torque to stall the car. Is it time to step up to the S14 starter? TIA.

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sticking; that's why the starter wouldn't shut off (or the starter drive retract from the flywheel) when you released the key. You're gonna have to remove the starter one way or the other to accomplish any of the below suggestions. Once the starter is off, do some bench testing to see what's happening off the car:

If you're lucky, you didn't burn out the starter motor and can either lubricate the solenoid plunger (or replace the solenoid) and you'll be good to go.



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