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6x14 Alpina Steel Rims: Sold on German eBay

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A set of four 6x14 Alpina steel rims sold today on German eBay for the equivalent of approximately $1,033.


These are the NK rims manufactured for Alpina by Lemmerz during approximately the '67 to '70 years. The price didn't surprise me: these are much rarer than the 02 rims manufactured by CMR (Borrani). The seller was only willing to ship within Germany, which may or may not have dampened the bidding!


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I was watching that auction for a while, then decided (or the back of my brain said....) keep you eye on the prize, don't spend money on those kook "future" car parts....finish what you have first. I had never seen those in a 14" wheel before, would have been really cool on an o2 (or NK).


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TBH I think that this is not such a bad price for the set

the original centrecaps set that go with these wheels (different then the TISA caps, the correct Alpina caps are chrome instead of stainless steel and slightly wider and have the old alpina logo with the double carbs instead of the slide trottle body) went on ebay.de for 451 euro (bit less than 600 dollar)

they do pop up sometimes

recently there was a set for sale through the german graiglist

asking price 1000 euro

(glad I have my complete set I must say)


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I had a set, sold them years ago and they are on the DeWitt Tisa I believe...

I think I actually raced on them...

Al Taylor

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