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OT: Toyota mechanic in Monterey, CA

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

I need to replace the long block on my wife's '95 4runner. It isn't worth it to have my mechanic do the work so I'll have to tackle it on a weekend or two. I've got all the tools, equipment and basic wrenching but this is past my comfort level. A lot more going on in there than my '72tii. If anyone knows of someone w/ Toyota experience I'd be willing to pay for their time and experience in helping me out. I'm in Monterey, CA

Adam C.

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Guest Anonymous

And besides, it's already broke!

Yeah, it can be intimidating, but after you remove all the controls and smog stuff, it is basically a motor.

Some ideas you may have not thought of:

Get any service manuals and start reading them like you do magazines in the bathroom.

Look around for a Toyota web group- hey, it might exist.

Buy good beer. It makes bribing for help much easier. If you have a digital camera, great. If not, get a notepad and make lots of sketches.

Get some tie wraps or tie on price tags to write notes on. Don't rely on masking tape.

Get a box of ziploc baggies to group together hardware and cover connector ends.

Take notes like you are going to hand this job over to some idiot when you are half through. Just because right now you remember that the small screw goes on the left, next week you may forget.

You already have the car down and are planning on a couple of weekends. Good. Take your time. My neighbor tried to rush through his 97 taurus swap and ended up tweeking his back. At that point it IS cheaper to pay someone else.

If you wrench on a tii, what could you possibly fear?

Steve J

72 tii

88 M3

98.5 A4

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