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Some rare parts from europe

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Hi, im an 02 fan for very long time, altough i bought one 02 this year, my search for items began around 4 years ago, now i have some rare parts that i don't need and im willing to sell.

Here are some...

double solex PHH 40mm

2 sets, all screwed off working 2002ti, They were working one set 3 years ago, one this spring (may).

I suggest only gaskets replace and they should be running.

220$ each set +20$ for snorkels

Shipping should be around 80$ for set

(I have 2 sets)



Alpina glue on metal emblems, one is for valve cover and another for body.

Price for each is 150$, both are 280$.

Shipping around 20-30$.

They are both cleaned with ultrasound and without pins, so they could be glued in with double side tape.


I did put this on if anyone is willing to buy, for further shiping price please contact me on my email.

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One set of carburetors and both alpina emblems still availiable.

For dual carburetors shipping to USA is aprox. 90$

For alpina badges shipping to USA is aprox. 28$ (shipping for one or for two is the same, up to 2 killos is so...)

As i said alpina emblems are without pins, they are removed professionaly so there is no sign of them (the whole backside was sanded) so for attaching you ned only double side tape and there are no problems with oil leaking on valvecover and drilling through back of the car.

Please if you re willing to buy sent me a note on my email.

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A 2013 discount on prices:

-set of SOLEX PHH 40mm carburetor from 2002ti (2 sets) 220$ with snorkels without snorkles 200$

Shipping to US 90$

-Alpina badges/emblems (1 set---->shorter for body, longer for valve cover)

one badge 130$

Both 250$

Shipping to US 29$

For any other contries there is also possible to ship, just ask for price

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If anyone is interested in double solex PHH 40mm price for one set is 220$ with snorkels, without them 200$.
Shipping to US is 90$.
For any question or so, contact me on my email showed in my profile...

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