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Do this today: it is free, could save paint and bodywork!

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I just learned this one the hard way. My hood latch bolts were loose on the right side, and the hood slid back a millimeter toward the windshield. I had no idea, until I opened the right side door and ended up creasing the hood and cracking the paint. I have since slid the hood back, and tightened the three bolts on each hood hinge.

DO THIS TODAY, before you discover they are loose by damaging your car like me. Worse yet, with it on the passenger side I may not have discovered this for some time and could have had many a passenger not realizing what they were doing.

Do not over tighten the bolts, just make sure they are snug. There are three bolts on both of the hood hinges, right at the nose of your car in front of the radiator.

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Same goes for the trunk-

it'll bump into the body if the fasteners get loose.


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Your recommendation to only make the bolts "snug" may overlook the fact that there is a lot of load on these connectors, both from opening movement and the weight of the hood.

As per www.bmwfans.info you first need a flat washer, then a spring washer (lock washer/split washer), then the bolt. I tighten these bolts pretty darn tight, and I've never had them loosen in the 31 yrs. I've been driving my '75.

Bob Napier


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