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Guest Anonymous

2 M10B18s+2G240s+all accessories+radiator+spares $300!

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Guest Anonymous

My buyer was short on cash, so I still have all this stuff and figured I'd repost with more information. I have a nice-running M10B18 out of an '85 318i. I just pulled it out of the car last week. Before being pulled, car was driven and engine running fine. Gets mid-20s miles per gallon, and that's mostly on windy mountain roads :) Mileage is unknown (broken odometer, like most e30s). I checked the compression before pulling it and all cylinders are reading in the mid to high 140s range (and car wasn't really warmed up, so that would go a bit higher), and within +/- 2 of each other.

Engine is complete with several newer parts, including the alternator and water pump/thermostat/most coolant hoses within the last year. Oil pan is sealed with permatex gray and doesn't leak. There are no discernable leaks of any fluids anywhere on the engine other than a bit out of the valve cover (small amount). Valves were adjusted last year as well. IACV system is deleted (with idle controlled directly from TB), but all the parts will be included if you want to re-install. Distributor cap and rotor have less than 2000 miles on them. No misfires or hesitation. Engine runs strong.

This ALSO includes the G240 transmission, which shifts smoothly and is filled with Redline MT90 or MTL (I forget which) fluid. Tranny has a small leak from the rear seal, which is an easy $10 fix. Doesn't include the shifter, though I can include the shift carrier bracket if you need it (it's still on the car right now).

ALSO includes a spare complete shortblock block (condition unknown, but probably needs all the timing stuff replaced), spare head (condition unknown), and another G240 tranny (condition unknown, but supposedly was good when I bought it) for parts.

ALSO includes the good flywheel, clutch with tons of life left, and pressure plate that were on the engine (currently separated). PS pump is good as well (but hoses are not included). Belts were replaced last year.

DOES NOT have air conditioning installed, though I'll give you the box of AC parts I have (brackets, idler pulley, lines, a couple compressors, etc). Don't know if any of it is any good.

ALSO includes a large box of spare parts (2 ECUs, 2 ICMs, IACV, 2 airboxes, 2 or 3 AFMs, extra clutch stuff, spare IM, spare header, a big bag of used injectors, and various other things)

ALSO includes full exhaust (with gutted cat) in good condition, EXCEPT no muffler. Exhaust is not rusty or broken. This is for a 318i, so not sure how it would fit on a 2002.

ALSO includes full engine wiring harness in good condition....I didn't cut anything off, it was un-installed cleanly. This is only the engine-side harness, not the harness inside the cabin.

DOES NOT include the driveshaft or giubo, though I may have those available later this winter if they don't work with my swap. If I do, I'll let the buyer have them for free at a later time.

I also have a 2000-miles-new OEM Behr radiator installed last winter, which I will throw in for an extra $50 (they're almost $200 new). It's in great condition with just one small spot where the fins were bent (1" or so). No cracks, no damage otherwise.

So...it's sitting in my garage hooked up to my engine hoist. All you have to do is come by with cash and we can load it up in 5 minutes. Located in Burke (Fairfax area) Virginia near I-95/I-495

email me for more information. I'll be home all day Sundays if you want to pick it up, otherwise can do it on weeknight evenings. I will help you load everything.

Photos provided by request. Would like $250 (+50 for the radiator) for everything, but will consider offers (or possibly partial trade for interesting parts that would work on an e30, like strut tower bars, VDO gauges, etc)

can email me at irish44j(at)yahoo.com if interested!

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Guest Anonymous

ok, price drop to $275 for all of it. Need this stuff out of my garage :)

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