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FOUND. Info for correct speedometer. THANKS

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The speedometer on my newly acquired 1973 02 is about 20 MPH fast.

This car was originally an automatic. It is now a four speed with a LSD.

Anyone know what I shoul look for as far as the numbers on the rear of

the speedometer? Also, what other info would I need to provide to get

an answer?


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What final drive ratio are you running? What size rear tire is on the car? If you are running a 23.5" tall tire (stock size for a 165/13" tire in the day) you need a speedo with a 0.91 ratio if you have a 4.10:1 findal drive

0.807 ratio with a 3.90:1 final drive and a 0.765 ratio with a 3.64:1 final drive. This will make the speedo read the way the factory calibrated it when the car was built, that being said they were very optimistic usually around 5 MPH fast at 60 mph.

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there is a "W" number printed on the back of the speedo. there are several threads that list all the W numbers and what diff ratio's they are designed to work with. ez to look up.

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...and using "Site Search"

at the top of this page works

like this : " SPEEDO RATIOS "

does this help you ?:

bahnstormer wrote:

diff match for a 3.45? Thanks!!!

3.45:1 diff -- W=1.24 speedo

3.64:1 diff -- W=1.297 speedo (W=1.30 is close enough)

3.90:1 diff -- W=1.39 speedo ('76 49-State 2002)

3.91:1 diff -- W=1.393 speedo (E21 320is LSD)

4.10:1 diff -- W=1.4 speedo (1.461 calculated)

4.11:1 diff -- W=1.4 speedo (1.465 calculated)

4.38:1 diff -- W=1.559 speedo (calculated)



1967 1600-2

Project Blog


maybe you didn't see these results -=>



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