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Ansa center resonator broke, what would you do?


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I was merging onto the highway today and all the sudden my exhaust note just increased a ton of decibels. I assumed I lost a part of the exhaust system, based on the amount of vibration under my feet I figured it was pretty close to there.


sure enough the mid-pipe (is that what it is called?) EDIT: Center Resonator just sheared off at the flange.

I am taking this opportunity to query the faq on best exhaust setup for me since I will have to at a min. repair this.

Current set up is 292 cam, dual weber 45 DCOE, Stahl header, Ansa Exhaust with dual center tips. I have the 5 speed and this setup fits around it currently. I have no idea how old the headers and exhaust system are since they were on the car when I bought it.

If you had my configuration what would you pick as the perfect exhaust for a street application? Willing to entertain the idea of replacing the headers too if it can be justified.

note: the Ansa setup was a little loud WOT. If I could get the same performance and quiet things that would be awesome. If not- oh well, people will just hear me coming.

another pic.




'69 1600


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Personally.... I have installed and just am thrilled with my IE stainless system. My past experience tells me that ANZA's are LOUD and tend to crap out fairly quickly. Perhaps they are better today, I don't know.

The IE, (including the downpipe) which I have hooked up to a Tii exhaust manifold appears to easily handle anything that my DCOE45 can put into the engine. I also like the realitively quiet exhaust note with just the right amound of blurble and rumble.


1972 BMW 2002 Colorado "Traumcycle"

2000 BMW 323Ci

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I have had my pipe break twice at the muffler , just below the shifter hole (71 car ) I now have a flex coupler installed from the long IE stepped header to the 1st pipe before the muffler , no breaks in over a year. It is the big braided type , it takes all the vibration from the engine .

1970 4 speed 2002 (Daily driver/track car ) 
1974  Hybrid powered twin cam engine, Pig Cheeks , ( now a round tail.) Getting ready to Sell 

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Had the exact same issue with my ansa resonator, Brav auto sent a new one after I sent a picture showing I did have the support from the transmission to hold it up. A few months later it broke again! I spent $50 at the muffler guy to just weld it at the flange. 5 years and no issues since. Make sure you have a support connected to the header at the rear of the tranny.

75 2002: weber, ANSA, lowered, 14" wheels, new engine, new suspension, rust free & square.

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