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Mechanical Fuel Pump Question


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BMW show one mechanical fuel pump for years 1971-1977, and the fuel pump supplied is one that is designed to be rebuilt - with the small hardware fastening the cast metal top of the pump to the lower section.

There is also a part number for a mechanical fuel pump for model year 1976 (production 9-75/?-76). Since this second fuel pump is in Germany it won't arrive at my dealer for a week.

Does anyone know what this second fuel pump looks like, or what is the difference in its design?

I would prefer to install a direct replacement for the original fuel pump on my '75 that has a stamped metal cap on its top. The original pump is a little taller than the new cast unit from BMW.

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Keep in mind that there is the possibility of differing pushrod lengths that correspond with different pumps...and interference from the water neck fitting...

Went through this recently..needed to switch both the pushrod and water neck..made the simple matter of fuel pump replacement take far longer than it should have.

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I initially resoponded to Tom Jone's write up http://www.bmw2002faq.com/component/option,com_forum/Itemid,50/page,viewtopic/t,294242/

but decided to move my question here.

I just went to double 02 salvage and picked up a replacement fuel pump. They gave me #13 31 1 265 192, but I believe the car currently has a #13 31 1 252 506 style pump, which means that I have the #13 31 1 250 398 107mm long pushrod. I don't want to make another trip to Hayward, so my questions are:

Can I cut down the 107mm long pushrod to 88mm to make it a #13 31 1 255 727 pushrod?

Should I try to stay with the original style fuel pump or go ahead and use the pin and coil spring style fuel pump? The engine in my car is from a 1974 2002 and it has a 32/36 webber. Shouldn't it have already had the pin and coil spring style fuel pump since the cutover was in 1972?

How important is it to replace the insulator bushings? Again, I don't want to make another trip to Hayward.


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