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Clutch pedal adjustment or clutch problem?

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Lately the car is hard to get in gear intermittently. Sometimes it feels like the clutch isn't fully engaged. Had the clutch bled to make sure there is no air in the line. The engagement point of the clutch is maybe an inch off the floor. Doesn't seem like alot of room for error. My fear is if it gets worse I won't be able to get the car in gear. Can I adjust the pedal? Is this possibly the clutch cylinder? Seems if I press the clutch really hard and bury it in the floor every shift it's better. So it feels to me like the pedal isn't engaging the clutch fully. Ideas? Thx!

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a BLEEDING problem.

got pressure bleeder ?

I didnt bleed it, but a competent shop bled it twice. Still think its a bleeding problem?

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Yes Sir.

if not

then you have a failing master or slave cylinder

pull slave cylinder boot back and see if fluid is present

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