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so i have a fuel injected m10 engine and 5 speed tranny with a brand new clutch out of what i have been told is an e21 or e30 320i. I have been wanting to swap it into my 1969 1600, but i have no idea where to start or if it is worth it or not. i have a couple of experienced friends who will be willing to help so the cost of the actual labor is not the issue. if anyone could shed some light onto how much it will cost in parts for just making the fuel injection conversion and 5 speed conversion happen and what parts i will need i will be extremely grateful. thanks so much in advance!

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Whether it is worth it depends on your needs and intended use. If the current 1.6 engine is no good and/or you want more power it might make sense. Do you want a reliable daily driver or a more aggressive setup for track? If the later and your 1.6L is good you could play with dual webers, higher compression, big cam and a header. Or you could put in the 2.0L but ditch the EFI.

If you have some fabrication skills it should not be too expensive. Basic items are (a) electric fuel pump, (B) fuel return line, © shortened driveshaft, (d) modified transmission mounts, (e) provisions for the shifter and (f) the correct throwout bearing. There are likely other things, these are just the ones that come to mind at the moment. The most expensive item is likely the driveshaft--best to just get a shortened rebuilt one. If you do your own fabrication I would think parts should total less than $500. Of course, YMMV.

Some people shorten the shift platform to keep the shifter in the stock location, Others do not shorten it and just add a new hole for the shifter further back. I prefer the later, but if you have long arm you might want the former. The move the hole I just cut out a rectangle around the hole, rotated it by 180°, and welded it back in.

There are kits for 5-speed conversion transmission mounts, or you can just fab something up yourself.

Best of luck...Fred '74tii & '69GT3

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