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Coilover shock fitment question (HELP)

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I am doing research to do the front coilover set up with my shortened Tii strut tubes.

How do I make sure I get the right shock insert?

..I am looking to do the Rabbit MK1 Billy sports,

Does anyone have a part number?

Is there a "cheaper" shock insert that will work just as well?

(this will be a track/DE car, not a stanced out show car so performance comes 1st, not looks)

I was asked at the local parts store if they were internal or externaly sleeved..Any help would be awsome!

Thanks, Greg

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Hmm, maybe its showing up differently for you....

Part number was:


Description was:

"Our Bilstein short front inserts are valved for racing and are shorter than stock shocks to fit inside shortened strut housings.

Includes proper fitting gland nut and seal."

I'm sure if you called, any other questions you had would be answered. You'd get something ready to work with your setup (ever see the price for the proper gland nuts by themselves?). I guess I'm a bit confused, you wanted the shocks for a shortened coil-over setup, correct? Is that not what I linked (if not, I guess the coffee must have have hit my blood stream yet today)?

Of course if you wanted to try and source from another place.... well that's your call.

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I know I posted the part numbers some years ago. Here's something I found by searching, you should verify these numbers but they seem correct IFIRC.

A1 Golf Bilstein Sport Front

(P30.0032) 1979 - 92, Rabbit/Jetta MK1

Strut Cap (Gland Nut)

2002tii Strut Caps = B30-U226 A1

I used the search

site:bmw2002FAQ.com bilstein rabbit

in Google

EDIT: Ahhh--you beat me to it. Here is another link:


EDIT #2: Note sure about that P30.023 part number above. I think that is for a stock BMW strut. I believe P30.0032 is correct for the shorter Rabbit sport insert.

--Fred '74tii & '69GT3

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