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brake issue, soft and getting softer, no visible leaks

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Hi all, Been a while as usual...

I'm experiencing some problems with my brakes and thus far have no clue where it is going wrong. The car stops relatively well, but if I sit with my foot on the break for about 20-25 seconds it will slowly go all the way to the floor and let go on me. If I release and pump once it is back to perfect... For about 25 seconds then the same. I have taken all four wheels off and found no sign of any leakage, I put it on stands and traced the lines from the master to all wheels and found no sign of leakage. Nothing is leaking at the master or reservoir and it does not seem to be losing any brake fluid, or if it is it is a very small amount as I have been fooling with it and depressing the pedal all morning and if the fluid level as gone down it is not noticeable.

The only thing I have not done is open up the booster, as I understand the booster leaking causes rough running and smoking and I have neither of those.

So, in a nut shell, I have soft/fading brakes that can be pumped to work perfectly and I'm not losing fluid... any ideas?

Thanks as always.

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absolutely, positively the brake master cylinder.

seal leaking - bypassing internally - you will soon not

be able to pump her up and you will fly through an intersection!

the cylinder can bypass and not put fluid into the booster.

did you look with a light into the booster

to see if fluid was inside?



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Thanks C.D.... I'm not driving it so no worry there. Odd that it happened so suddenly. I did not look into the booster yet but seeing that it is likely the master, I'll get a new one and go from there.

Anyone have a differing opinion? I appreciate all advice!

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