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Single-barrel Solex Tuning?

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I just re-discovered a brochure from Cummins Motor Sales, Canonsburg, Pa., from late 1970. My dad must have picked it up when he was shopping for our '02. At any rate, it reads as much like a newsletter as a dealer brochure, with road trip letters and tuning tips to reassure prospective buyers. I hope to scan it in and post sometime.

Anyway, one item mentions tuning a then-new 2002 for autocrossing, and they changed the main jet on the single-barrel Solex to 165 and the air correction jet to 140. This was the first I'd ever read about swapping jets on that carb. CD and others with experience, do you see any wisdom in trying that? What would the effect be? Are the jets even available any more?


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The are a couple out of print Solex carburettor books on Amazon, here's one of them



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YES Timmer - my first carb book ( back in 1967)

told my all about my first cars SOLEX 28PCI on my 1959 VW 36-HP

- how to swap the venturi and main jet for 'improved'

stock performance - excellent booklet


published by Wacky Arnolt (Bristol BMW power connection)


your Owner's handbook will tell you what the original CORRECT

jets were for this car - which SOLEX is important!

What you don't know is if someone has drilled any of the jets larger

for '"improved"' performance. There is such a thing as Jet Gauges

to determine the opening size - no one here has such a thing these days-

but one today assumes that the jets have oxidized, been drilled,

and a NEW jet is the only way to know for sure without guessing what you have and then tune from there - richer or leaner for your conditions.

all this assumes also strong even compression readings,

correct valve clearance,

correct ignition timing before any carb adjustments



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