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bogging weber

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Hey all,

I have a 76 auto with an upgraded weber 32/36 electric choke carb. The carb has been re-built by a mechanic that has years of experience with these things, but that was out of town and I have no access to the same mechanic now. Here is the bogging description: when you try to punch it nothing happens, it seems like a secondary issue because if you do a gradual acceleration the car will get there, I have it on the highway doing 80. Basically it's kind of gutless. I've seen a lot about the accelerator pump maybe being the culprit but maybe something else?

Any feedback would be appreciated.


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I sound like a broken record (shows how old I am), but you may possibly have fuel starvation. Inside the fuel tank is a filter screen that, if not cleaned, can get clogged and restrict the fuel flow. It's easy to remove the plate on top of the tank, ease out the fuel sending unit and check the screen on the bottom. If it is black and opaque it's blocking fuel flow. If you can see through it, it should be ok. Otherwise clean it with solvent and you could be good to go.

There is also a fuel filter on top of your engine that could be replaced at minimal cost.

Worth a shot. Good luck.

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with the engine off, remove the air cleaner and look down the carburetor's primary throat (the one closest to the engine). Shine a light down there so you can see better.

Then work the accelerator linkage and watch the little nozzle that protrudes into the primary carb throat (on the side facing the car's front). You should see a healthy squirt of gas come out the nozzle. No squirt means no accelerator pump function.

That's usually caused by a leaking pump diaphragm--easy fix--four screws. Check archives for how to and where to get the part. It could also be the pump linkage came adrift, but that's less likely.



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I guess the secondary is on the passenger side of the carb?

I'm going to check the filter screen as well, I've only removed the pump like 4 times trying to chase the elusive gas smell, bought a new o ring but still there's a smell.

thanks guys, I'll get back to this forum after a few attempts.

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