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New helper in the shop

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well tonight i said "i'm going to the shop"

and the response was, i'm comming i want to help!!!

okay so thats cool. i have been working in the

shop for 23 years and have had many customers

and friends working/helping. this time it was my almost 11

year old daughter.

so it was a quick exhaust system remove and install.

lessons on jacking the car up, using a jackstand always,

and then on to the exhaust removal. I WANT TO DO IT!!!

so, on to the creeper with the tools and a hat for the long

hair. put the wrenches on the shinny bolts on the lowest

pipe and take them out. WHAT'S NEXT? Huh, that was fast.

okay you watch from there while i take the muffler off.

NOW WHAT? well we test fit the pipes on the floor so that...


i may be working for her sooner than i thought. so the remainder

of the muffler install you watch and i will explain. WHAT ARE

YOU YELLING AT BACK THERE? that's my way of

fixin when it dosen't go very well but now i'm done.


WHEN I SPIN IT? ah, thats not supposed to do that so

i will look at it. she found loose wheel bearing and caliper

rubbing the hub as it spun. she will also be quality control

after my ham fists are done. so 2.5 hrs later where done.

go home,degrease and hit the forum. Sophia your up....

HI!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm the new minion of the shop. :)

have a good thanksgiving,

sophia and stone

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Very cool! not enough female grease monkeys around... It's a great skill to have and will keep the d-bags trying to help a damsel in distress at bay one day when her car leaves her stranded! Heh...

Really though, keep her interested in it, and maybe reward her with some driving lessons (if I could learn at 7, she can learn at 11!)

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Props to Sophia! It's always exciting to discover the next generation of gearheads!

Also, kudos to Chris for some great parenting.

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GREAT post! Feels like I was there, nice writing!

Hope my 7 year girl and9 year ld boy follow the same footsteps.


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Great post! I have had my son interested &8 workin on 318tii'sthe over the past several years. He is not really into the 1600. My daughter is not really into fixing them but is starting to get interested in the autocrossing that my son &8 I do. Keep her interested! It is a great way to spentime with your kids when they get older. Where in Philly are you located? My son is there in his second year at USP and may need a good shop for his 325 when he is allowed to have it in the city. Please excuse the typo's, I am sending this from my phone and cant work the keys oe see the scree n well. Old age sucks!

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