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weber 38 dges jet sizes for 2002

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

I bought one from Maximillian a year ago when they

were on sale, it came jetted perfectly, you may want

to give them a call, they are very helpful &



72 38/38 (for sale)

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Guest Anonymous

38 Weber;


45 idle

145/142 main

175/195 AIR

Those getting ther car supplied by a couple of the well-known 02 shops report the carb being differently jetted (standard was for 70s European Fords - mainly Capri's with the v6)

Others can chime in - but searching the archives recently threw up the following M10 "best" jets - i am looking to tinker myself;

55 Idle

135-142 MAIN (tinker with the idle - but go smaller is the wisdom)

170 AIR (or 160 if the main is 135 or smaller)

Good Luck. I have a fairly standard, good condition but unmodified motor - save the mechanical advance dizzie

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Guest Anonymous

Here's the jetting that came on mine from Maximillian's a year or so ago.

45 idle

142 main

185 air corr.

F50 emulsion tube

2.0 needle/seat

74009 prim.

74403 sec.

I have since gone up to 55 idle jets and I think it runs better on my stock, 145K mile '76 motor. The improvement was at lower rpm around town. It was always good on the highway.

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