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FS: 1972 2002 Automatic (Atlanta)

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Ad updated with some more pics, and we found random spare parts that had been ordered, but not installed. Check out the link and thanks for looking!

Click here for full ad and more info

contact us: the745i (at) gmail.com

A very original roundie with approx 75k miles. Has been owned by our family for almost 20 years. During this time we did not modify the car in any way other than the installation of the E30 basketweaves. The car was maintained and wear items replaced. It has been garaged the entire time we have owned it. We don't put many miles on her each year so all fluid changes and maintenance is done on a time basis. The car is not perfect but is a great project car to restore to original glory. Most of the good/bad items are also documented in the photos in the ad. No trades :-)


- Runs and drives well

- Cold starts well (It takes a couple tries before it'll start if it's been sitting for more than a few weeks. Driven regularly, starting won't be an issue), idles well once driven for a few minutes.

- Warm starts every time

- Transmission shifts smooth, no hesitation or jerkiness

- No front end shimmies when driving at speed

- Brakes are in good working order

- Seats are in great condition

- Headliner is really clean, except for one small spot in the middle.

- No dash cracks

- Interior carpet was replaced with a bavauto set

- All gauges are operating properly

- New speedo/odo gauge, the original (broken) unit also goes with the car. Once the original odometer stopped working, the new one was immediately purchased and installed with no gap in recorded mileage.

- No rust on the shock towers

- The body panels have no dings or damage

- The tires are very new, have been on the car about 1 year, less than 500 miles have been driven on them.

- Last year the car received new front and rear windshield gaskets, door gaskets, trunk gasket, tail light gaskets, reverse light gaskets, antenna gasket, door latch buffers

- Electrics all work, the right hand turn signal is kind of iffy, sometimes you'll have to hold the stalk in order for the lamps to turn on. Other times it works as expected.

- Also included is a set of 320i 14" turbines (the tires on the turbines are no longer good)


- There is rust on the body, it's not a huge amount, but it's visible.

- There is a transmission leak and an engine oil leak, seeping, but they are there.

- There is a small bit of oil being burnt when running.

- The PO installed a head unit, bypassed the original speaker and cut holes in the door panels/rear parcel shelf for speakers. I removed the speakers, but they will go with the car to the new owner

- The PO had the car resprayed at some point, but they didn't do a great job. There is overspray visible on the tail lights and the side of the seats

- The exterior trim work is not all perfect. It's all present and accounted for, but there are some dings in the chrome bumpers, and the bumper strip that goes around the body doesn't always line up with the next strip on the next panel.





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