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Retro-fitting speedo drive to getrag 265!!!!!!

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

URL: http://hem.passagen.se/m2002tii/tech/tips/speedo_on_tranny/index.htm

After contacting a zillion people, someone send me this

fabulous URL. This is valuable info. Now what we need is a

list of cars that we can use as donors. I think the E30 318i is

one, but please correct me if I'm wrong and supplement.



P.S. There's is an article out there somewhere about drilling

the casing if the hole isn't blocked, but wasn't drilled at all.


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Guest Anonymous

First off, yes the 265 will bolt up to a M10 block but it will not fit into the 2002 shell without pretty much fully cutting out the transmission tunnel and re-fabing a new one. The 265 weighs about 60 lbs more and is much wider and taller than the 245.

The E30 M3 transmission and the 1980-1981 E12 528i transmission are the same 265 type. The 528i tranny is set up for speedometer cable drive operation of the whereas the E30 M3 speedo is electronic. You can modify the later 265 tranny out of the M3 to speedo cable drive simply by removing the pressed in steel plug in the side of the tranny (so you can insert the cable drive parts) AND you'll have to remove the output shaft flange and seal and have the bronze speedo drive gear pressed onto the output shaft. Parts from a 4 speed or 5 speed 528i tranny will work fine. I used to have the part numbers.. but look them up on the EKT CD if you want to buy them new.

Hope that helps.


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