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Info- NEW oil cooler & NEW choke cable assembly/fit 2002

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Guest Anonymous

Two questions---- Where might I locate and purchase a New easy to bolt on oil cooler setup with remote "radiator" that you might have already seen fits nicely on our little cars??? Next question. Where might I locate a NEW choke cable assembly complete with knob, mounting pieces and universal cable that will fit our little cars? . If you also have pictures this would be great. One more question. Does anyone have the dedicated choke parts used or NEW that will bolt right onto my Weber 38/38 DGAS? I am located in Amherst/Belchertown Mass. 925-322-3424.

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Guest Anonymous

Thank you- This is a good option. Anyone know of a less expensive will fit kit?

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As far as a choke cable is concerned, Jegs sells a nice one for $6.99 that works a treat. Have one on my car with dual Mikuni 44PHH. Will snap/post some photos later today.

PS Pics added


74 02Lux

02 M Roadster

72 Volvo 1800ES



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Nothing's truly an easy bolt- on for an oil cooler.

But the parts from an E30 can be adapted to do the job for little money.

Find an 'is' with the cooler, and take the adaptor, cooler and hoses.

And the sleeve that attaches the adaptor to the block.

You can then attach the adaptor to the 2002 oil filter housing,

rebend the hoses (and probably have them remade- Fittings, inc does it up here)

and mount the cooler in front of the radiator.

Very cheap, mostly effective, and you get an oil thermostat.

Or you can make a block that replaces the filter housing, but then

you need to use a cooler with a thermostat in it- like a gen2 RX7 cooler.

Those are VERY sexy. I did it that way, and it worked smashingly on the

street car.

But first, have you stuck an oil temperature gauge on your car? Mine

only 'wanted' it on the track, and even then with synthetic, didn't 'need' it

according to Mobil.


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