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WTT: 2002 Honda Insight for Roundie 2002 or a 1991 318is

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I'm looking to trade my 2002 Honda Insight. I want either a Roundie 2002 or a 1991 318is.

The Insight has 144k miles and I get 40+ MPG even the way I drive it. It is equipped with a CVT transmission, factory A/C, and still has the OEM radio. The hybrid battery was replaced at Honda's cost in February 2012. I put 4 new tires, Pirelli P4, shortly after I bought it in November 2011. It does handle well since I didn't opt for the OEM LRR tires. Runs well, has a small dent in the left rear quarter panel, the lightweight hood might have gotten caught by the wind at the dealership, and shows some wear inside. Since it's made of Aluminum, there is no rust.

I like the car, but it doesn't quite fit my driving style as well as I had hoped.

Since the Insight is my daily driver, I need another one to replace it. I'm not expecting a finished car, just one reliable for it's age. A manual transmission is required (I've already had 2 BMW automatics), as are basketweaves (any other design just doesn't look right). Blue is preferred, Silver/Grey are good. Every other color but Red and Orange are ok. I'll have to think about a car with either of those two colors.

I value the Insight at about $6000 and I do not have spousal approval to add cash into the deal. If your car is valued less, go faster bits not installed or BMW delivery/Insight pickup is accepted in leiu of cash. Especially a multicarb setup for the 2002.

(Hopefully) Link to pictures:


Let me know if that link doesn't work or stops working.

I am located in Midland TX and the best way to contact me is via email, [email protected]

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