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Rear end vibration under acceleration?

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Just did a 1000 mile trip in the 02 yesterday and on the last 200 miles I noticed a vibration from the rear end under load and especially acceleration. Come to think obit I think it's only in the forward gears. Looked under the car and didn't notice much except a leaky diff. Could my diff fluid be low? Or could it be failing? While coasting or out of gear and moving no vibration. Just when accelerating or maintaining speeds is it felt. Ideas? I first thought guibo but not sure.

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Those are classic signs of a failing guibo.

If it is, find out why it failed rather than just replacing it.

Those symptoms can be of other things too. Differential bushings, rear carrier bushings, etc.

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center bearing

CV bolts


center nut on the driveshaft

driveshaft bolts

trans output flange nut

diff input flange nut

rear hub nuts

Lug nuts

driveshaft u-joints

CV joints

that should be in a rough order of probability. If you have a 5- speed,

failure of one or more of those things from misalignment is possible.



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It will go "toast" again unless you correct the alignment. Or if it was 40 years old, it may just be time took its toll.

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