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Anyone seen this 1973 2002?


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...i'm feeling negative vibrations with the trunk .........


....anyone else feeling it ?

No mention in the text about mechanical condition?,

how it runs? any glorious history?

sorry to say i'm smelling a turd here and $6K+

is california dreamin.

need many more well exposed photos of underneath,

under that trunk carpet, under the back seat,

inside the motor room, inside the wheel wells - please

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'64 R27 250cc #383851 18,000m
'11 FORD Transit #T058971 28,000m "Truckette"
'13 500 ABARTH #DT600282 6,666m "TAZIO"

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I'll third the negative vibes on the total project. Looks OKAY, but I feel it masks a larger problem. A thorough inspection by a knowledgable 2002 guy would be necessary before you make an offer.

Also another problem: It lacks a manual transmission ;)

Teach the wife to drive a manual... If my girlfriend could learn, your wife can also.

1974 Grey European Market BMW 2002 

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A bunch of Bikes...

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Thanks anyone. I think I'll check it out, just to get some experience.

I'll work on convincing my wife to let me go for the manual. Are there any mechanical/performance reasons to opt for the manual over the automatic?

Is there anyway to tell if rust -- on, say, the shock towers -- has simply been covered up? Or is it best to leave that to the pros?

Thanks again!

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the automatic just adds another failure/expense point to a very simple

car design. nothing wrong with the Auto when functioning

and cared for . but 40 years on? who cared for this one??

look at the inner wheel house humps inside the trunk

note the nasty black coating - a 'clean ' trunk will not have a

build up of strange texture coating covering a rust thru

situation. This area is a boxed section that road salts enter

from the tire side and rusts out the entire box - popping

thru into the trunk area. This is the rear spring support

part of the uni-body.

please go see it as you say for the experience.

Take a camera so you can share with us and

all new members the findings. Save others the

nitemare of bringing home their dream BMW that they found

for a great price only to find rot popping thru the

quick-spray finish months later.

Ask the seller questions and listen to the BS only for

a short time. Don't over expose yourself.

Help us help you find that Good Deal that wont fall apart

in your driveway

Start by writing down the VIN____ and MOTOR _____ numbers

Then watch out for the sellers web spinning

for the asking price of $9,000.oo you should be able to

road test the car with the seller to see how it COLD STARTS,

steers, brakes, handles, electrics working - heater blower fan?

(remember the girl friend?) any smoking or smells?

LOOK at the temp gauge and how it raises to a

middle of the gauge reading. I think after all that investigation

you'll answer yourself - "would I pay $$$$ for this ?"

hurry back with your findings

'86 R65 650cc #6128390 22,000m
'64 R27 250cc #383851 18,000m
'11 FORD Transit #T058971 28,000m "Truckette"
'13 500 ABARTH #DT600282 6,666m "TAZIO"

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I've had a little back and forth with the seller, and have a little more info.

- The car was running fine when he bought it, and he's been doing mostly cosmetic work -- the exterior/interior. It needed a carburetor, but he recently put new one in.

- He says it was rust free when he got it, and still is.

- The trunk is black b/c he sprayed it with an undercoating to prevent any future rust.

I'm going to check it out this weekend. I know it's impossible to say without seeing it in person, but assuming all this is true, and it runs, what do you all think is a fair price for a car like this? He's asking $7,000. I'm just trying to get a ballpark idea so I don't make an insulting offer, or get taken advantage of.


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Guest Anonymous

Also another problem: It lacks a manual transmission ;)

Teach the wife to drive a manual... If my girlfriend could learn, your wife can also.

Classic classic quote, Just as there is a major diff between a manual and a auto, getting a wife to think like a girlfriend is probably harder than a tranny swap, as a white man who couldnt jump once said "listen to the woman" ie by her a toyota, just stay away from those damned prius calamitys

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This is my first post, but hopefully not my last! I've recently become interested in buying a 2002 -- preferably a roundie -- and I spotted this one on Craigslist. Have any of you seen it? It looks pretty sweet, but it's over an hour away from me, and I'm wondering whether I should make the trip.



Be careful, if I remember correctly this car is in a bad area in Palo Alto …. this car is for sale for almost 1 year and I sent many email to this guy, the replay was.. Cannot drive because he needs to install the carburetor

If you go there take someone with you ….. Take a gun too !!!

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$7000 can buy you a gorgeous '02 in California. Don't compromise. There are a ton of them out there. Here in the Boston area, the pickins' are slim. I paid $3500 for an '02, that I have to drive to Saratoga Springs, NY to get. It's got rust (but on the periphery, not in the important areas), and probably wouldn't fetch more than $2k in California. Looking at the pics, the interior is meant to 'WOW' you, and hide potential problems (rust, handling, acceleration, braking, motor, etc).

For anying over $2500 (in my opinion), the seller should let you drive the car on the highway for 20 minutes at 75 mph. You'll know right away how it: idles, how it handles at low and high speed, motor smooth at high and low speeds?, how it shifts, any tranny/driveshaft vibrations?, how it brakes, etc. Any problems you notice, is major markdowns in price. If they won't let you drive it on the highway, walk away. I'm jealous that you are looking for an '02 out in California. Take your time, and teach your wife how to drive standard. IMO, shifting an '02 is like 1/3rd to 1/2 the fun of driving the thing. Don't short-change yourself on the 'fun quotient'. Good Luck....

- The big print giveth, and the small print taketh away.


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