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New here, several issues.

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Hi to all. I have no questions yet, just showing my project. I just bought this 2002 and as you can see I have more than a couple things to fix. And I started with water in the oil. That part is fixed now. It was the head heavily corroded. And since I have the engine half dismantled I decided to take out the oil pan and check the bearings. Of course, they're shot and the previous owner assembled one rod cap 180º wrong. I really don`t understand how that thing was running. I will be asking a lot of questions here so, talk to you soon!





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Welcome! Uruguay, wow. How many other 02s in your part of South America? I wonder how BMW got cars to Uruguay in the 60s-70s. Do you know the car's ownership history?

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Hi there!

CO2; we have a lot of 02 around here! Theyre pretty common. We probably have a couple in each junkyard but mostly destroyed. This one is a good starting point I think. The engine internals are all STD size so I think this little german was`nt much abused. Anyway the plan is to install a couple of those nice Strombergs or Weber, a descent ignition and improve brakes and suspension. The thing is, I been working with big american v8s and Im just starting with this little european thing so I really don`t know where to start or what do I need. For example: can I use the factory cylinder head to install those carbs or do I need another head? What about cam, valves and pistons?

Thanks for the welcome and for any tip!!!

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