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Schnitzer tank,, fixed the pics!


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Check this out! This was posted on the early 911S message board. I was asking about through the hood gas tanks.

Filler Cap is standard Blau 80 or 100 mm

Pics are of a period 100l Tank coming out of a Schnitzer 2002






No telling what you'll find on "other" sites!


Fresh squeezed horseshoes and hand grenades



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Very (very cool). That is the one important piece that is missing from my car. Mine had a 100L tank as well with twin fillers through the trunk and relumit dry break valves. That is a very good site you mentioned. I frequent it regularly.


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Wonder what they look like on the inside. Wondering if there are baffles inside.

Can not see these weld points on Wolfgang´s tank.

Hi Jonas,

the welding points are there, I will take other pics in the next days.



Is that the anti-slosh plates on the inside that are spot welded there?

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Baffles are flow directing devices. The tank would have anti-slosh plates.

Is not so easy sometimes with technical english...sorry. Of course it´s anti-slosh plates I mean.

Just trying to help. Most of the time a misnomer creeps into the jargon and never leaves.

A radiator shop is a good place to take a leak.


I have no idea what I'm doing but I know I'm really good at it.

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Jonas, I found pics, taken some time ago....and I was really deep inside, really! And yes these are anti-slosh plates (Anti-Schwall-Bleche)


edit: don´t know why it needs two times to attach pictures, in the preview the pics are there and then lost?!?!






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