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Need someone to look at my suspension quote for me.

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Last week, I had this done:

Front springs, struts, ball joints, strut bearings, urethane bushings.

Rear springs, shocks, subframe mounts, urethane bushings.

Done by the best shop in Seattle. $500.00 plus tax.

Just to clarify, $500 is the labor charge, no parts.

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If it's in the summer I could probably hop on that plane ticket list :P

The front is harder than the rear but still pretty darn easy. I did it in my parents garage in a day and a half taking my time and with a few complications.

The parts front and rear were definitely less than all that and I rebuilt everything with urethane bushings and nice bilstein shocks. I did all suspension for less than that actually (Shocks, springs, sways, bushings, ball joints, steering parts, etc).

Here is a video I did for the rear. Hopefully it gives you a basic idea of what's involved.

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For reference only, I just did a fair amount of suspension work (on my own time) on a local 02. I lack the overhead of a shop and did much of the work "on site" at the owner's garage. Total: About $600

remove, disassemble and media blast left and right front strut assemblies

**etch prime and paint both strut assemblies

clean and repack front wheel bearings, install new wheel seals

remove control arms and seized ball joints from steering knuckles

replace control arms, install new ball joints

replace upper strut bearings

remove concave washers previously installed backwards on thrust arms and reinstall correctly

install front bilstein strut inserts

install rear bilstein shocks

install new radiator

If the above referenced shop ends up fighting rusted components and makes a point of making all the bits look good, $1500 doesn't sound outrageous to me. Especially if you're taking out a bit of their profit from the parts you supplied.

It all depends on the reputation and experience level of the shop. Their attention to detail, and their finished product.

With that said, $300+ to do front subframe bushings? On a good day (with a car that cooperates!) I can do both in about 30 minutes!

**"After" photo of a refinished tii strut on the above car. For me, assembling nice, clean parts makes the entire job more satisfying.


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Hey Sorry I was gone for a week. I did get it back unfortunatly xmas is hitting early. I have the bilsteins already, probably going to get some springs this month but thats about all my money till Jan. I also discovered some other things in this weather that probably need to be done first (windshield wipers stopped working, rear defrost, heater/defrost) It now takes me 30 minutes to warm up and get ready to drive to work....if it's not raining. It might be cheaper to just build a garage.

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