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So once again I have a decision to make.

I have an offer for a '69 2002 with round tail lights and no bumpers or trim, wood door panels, new racing style seats, and new carpet. From what I've been told no rust. Painted flat black. The guy says "you have to go easy on the transmission during hard shifts." Also car has no door locks. Running steelies with original hub caps. Here are pics of the '69

On the other hand there is a '74 with big bumpers, beige in color, recaro seats. Carpet currently not installed but will be included. All new door and window seals, electronic ignition, new bilstiens, new steering wheel, new rims. 5 speed swap with higher geared rear diff. Says it has a little rust, nothing structural, and cracked air dam. Here a pics of the '74

I will post pictures later tonight of both cars. I am currently using my phone to post this.



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Guest Anonymous

Both look much better than last find you posted, the 74 looks much more original and would be a great starter, the roundie would be my choice, love the old school, if this is your first o2 take someone along that knows these cars, experience is invaluable. Rust can hide on a o2, my deal breaker is rust on the rockers, strip that runs from wheel to wheel below the doors, about 1500 each to have profesionaly repaired. Look under the car, a key phrase, the condition on the underside will tip you to overall reall condition. Under the spare tire, under both bumper areas, under the doors, under the shock towers, and def under the carpet, all these are common rust areas. Put 5 k into either of these cars and if they are rust free you will have something, if they are rusty you will have a 3 k rusty car, sage words, rust is the only thing that matters, everything else can be fixed. Nice finds, any prices posted?


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