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EDIS or 60-2 Trigger Wheel on A/C Pulley?


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Has anyone successfully put a EDIS or other type of trigger wheel on a 2/3 belt crank pulley, without impacting their ability to run an A/C compressor? Most builds I've read through indicate milling down the A/C belt slot and putting the trigger wheel in its place. With a likely upcoming move to South Florida, giving up my A/C is just not an option. Are there any other potential triggering methods? What about a flywheel trigger? Any help or thoughts would be appreciated!

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I haven't started on my engine yet so not sure what the 02 flywheel looks like but here's a VW air-cooled link that uses 6 holes in the flywheel as 'teeth' and the distributor for the sync signal which allows for running in sequential.


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I am still working on an AC pulley. Tom at 02again has a pulley and I am thinking of just having a pulley machined to slide over the back and tack welding it in place...

Seems simple enough but I have not see it pulled off yet... I have been jerking around with a Tii pulley but finally figured out that since I am not running a Tii, why not change the front cover.

I am in mid process of doing that between paint and everything else that needs to be done.

I will keep you posted on my progress. Still piecing the megasquirt together.

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