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Instrument cluster makeover

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Hey guys,

I thought I'd post a pic and some info for anyone who's been considering doing anything to their instruments. First off, I bought the set of white gauge overlays from the guys at whiteguages.net for 19.99.


I also bought their carbon fiber look overlay (don't do it), I'll get to that in a minute. For anyone considering doing this to their instrument cluster, here's what I learned and the steps I took.

First, there is a pretty good write-up on the my2002tii.com website you may want to read located here >http://www.my2002tii.com/how_to_dash_gauges.htm. You really need to completely disassemble everything and repaint the inside of the cluster white, the gauge locking rings, and the front snap on instrument cluster face to do it right.

I was already pretty familiar with most of this since my 2002 experience goes back to 1975, and this is the fifth 2002 I've owned. Back to the whitegauges.net carbon fiber look overlay. It's more of a decal than an overlay in my opinion, and it's 35 bucks. The only reason I bought it was laziness, not wanting to cut anything myself (bad idea).

I probably spent over 30 minutes repositioning it over and over, only to find myself seeing the same result. When I got it centered side to side, and top to bottom, the center cutouts for the gauges would not adhere right and would stand up or bubble slightly.

They say in their instructions you can optionally use a blow dryer or heat gun to smooth things out while squeegeeing, but after many attempts and considering the look of it, I took it off.

My solution again in my opinion, turned out MUCH better. I bought a 24"x48" roll of carbon fiber look vinyl from the guys at http://store.ijdmtoy.com. This stuff is BAD ASS for anyone wanting a carbon fiber look on anything! It's well under $20 including shipping, and very easy to apply.

All I did was cut a section that was slightly larger than needed and then used a very sharp retractable knife/box cutter type blade working slowly, and I was done.

For the needles I bought a small bottle of neon orange acrylic paint from a local hobby store that was just over 2 bucks. I'm really pleased with the new look, and can't wait to see how the blue LED's I ordered will light it all up!


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