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1969 BMW 2002 Roundie, rust free, runs good, sunroof, SOLD!!

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When you walk up to this rust free '69 2002, it seems barely there, a pocket-size sedan. This car is engineered rather than styled, so its most remarkable exterior feature is a wafer-thin roof supported by delicate pillars. Once you climb into the 2002, you find flat, vinyl-covered seats, a bus's steering wheel with a rim of black plastic, and almost nothing of visual interest. The small instrument binnacle contains cheap, black-faced dials with faintly scientific faces.

Altogether, the 2002 has the stripped-down character of German design in the postwar years, when making do with less was a matter of necessity, not philosophy.

The thought of a 2.0-liter, SOHC four-cylinder engine doesn't exactly set the soul on fire, especially when you know that it comes from a design that dates to 1960, but then you look down to see that the 2002 effortlessly wafts along the any Freeway at 80 mph. Thanks to a light, 2310-pound package, even 100-mph-plus cruising is possible with modifications.

There's no secret technology to this BMW engine, though, just sound design.

The 02's torque peak lies pretty far across the tachometer dial at 4500 rpm, but the engine wants to pull strongly across the scale to the horsepower peak at 5800 rpm. The power also seems to swell as the vehicle increases speed, a feeling that BMW still builds into its products today.

The unassisted worm-and-roller steering is very accurate, a remarkable thing in the days when not much was expected from a strut-type front suspension. At the same time, the steering is also remarkably slow, so you need your best rally-car hand discipline to windlass the oversize wheel back and forth to follow the tight, deeply cambered corners through canyon roads. The 2002 prefers to track through the corners, letting its steel-belted, 185HR-14 radial tires do all the work. The combination of slow but accurate steering and a rear suspension that delivers directional assist went on to define the BMW 3-series until the 1990s.

Priced to sell so don't ask what I am willing to take for it because the answer is posted here.

Clean title, registered, and ready to drive and enjoy.

More pics can be seen here:







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