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Schrick cam info

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I am trying to find the power rpm range of the schrick cams. There are 284. 292, 304........ I could not find anywhere the rpm of them. In edelbrock either for gm or ford they clearly inform the rpm range. Anybody know the same numbers for schrick? They just give the lift info......

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Check this old but very valuable site:


Under Go Fast Upgrades:

The most well known aftermarket BMW cam manufacturer is Schrick. These are German cams made from new chill cast billets. Because Schrick cams are so widely used in BMW 4 cylinders, a brief description of the available grinds is given below. All grinds are referred to by their "advertised" duration number. This number is different from the "actual" duration of the cam, the amount of time in crankshaft degrees that the cam holds the valve open.

284 really only a mild improvement over stock, has good low end torque characteristics, no loss of driveability. Works well in conjunction with a 32/36 Weber DGV carburetor. Valve lift: 9.m intake; 7.2mm exhaust. ( a good stock replacement cam)

292 Probably the best overall street cam. Works well with either a 32/36 Weber or sidedraft DCOE's. Excellent mid range (3500-5500 rpm) performance. Power gains are seen throughout the rpm range, and the top end really benefits from the breathing capabilities of the DCOE's. This cam will yield 140-150 horsepower with accurately jetted DCOE carbs. Low end is still very impressive. Valve lift: 10.m intake; 7.6mm exhaust.

304 This is where the Schrick grinds start to get serious. This cam can be run on the street, but it is not for everybody. Low end begins to diminish, due to this cam's increased valve overlap. This cam really works well with 45 DCOE sidedrafts, and a BIG ( > 2.5") exhaust system. the power curve really begins at 4000 rpm, and continues on through 7000 rpm.

316 This cam is really suited only for the racetrack. The valve timing and duration are such that the fattest part of the horsepower curve is near 5000 rpm. This cam has been recently upgraded to provide the same lift figures as the 336 grind. Useful power is 4500-8000 rpm depending on carb jetting. (11.9mm intake valve lift)

336 This is the ultimate statement in Schrick cams. This cam has found homes in 220+ horsepower GT-3 racers here and in the saloon car series over in Europe. Only included here for informational purposes, a motor with this cam will hardly IDLE, and will easily rev to over 8500 rpm!

There are many other options for BMW cams. Re-grinds and new billets are available from various race shops, and several reputable manufacturers and tuners such as Iskenderian, and Korman. Korman offers their own version of a "300 degree" camshaft at considerable savings to versus a Schrick cam. Norris used to grind good hot cams, but they are no longer around. The best thing to do when looking beyond a Schrick is to work closely with someone who has had measurable experience in this field.

The first 02 site I found, and still look at from time to time.

HTH Beaner7102

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