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Can not select reverse

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Hello all

New to this car. I just replaced engine and transmission mounts and can now not select reverse. It appears as though the selector is touching the driveshaft when I push down. Any help greatly appreciated.


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the support bracket/platform for the shift lever is loose

or not adjusted up against the under side of the

tunnel properly

should have an oil resistant round pad compressed

between the platform and tunnel when all it tightened up

shifter wont touch d-shaft then

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that's usually a problem with worn and/or loose shift platform mounts...they are metalastic, and the rubber deteriorates into black goo, making the entire platform loose.

Check it out; betcha that's the problem.


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The two gents above have high credibility heed their advice

...Good luck!

Also check @ the base of the shifter rod bushings undercar, and looking from inside the car the locking 1" "C" clip atop the shift selector rod under the shiftboot, that is present and clipped into its circular groove.

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