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IE stainless exhaust review

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Installed a brand new Ireland Engineering stainless exhaust system on Thursday night, complete with stainless downpipe. Here's my experience and thoughts:

First off... I LOVE it!

It's a WAY nice looking kit. Came with seals and hardware/hanger rings. No heavier than the stock system, which I appreciated.

Because it has a few additional slip-fit joints, it does require a bit more adjustment to get "just right" so as not to clang on the trailing arm mount or subframe. This was easier than I expected. Once the old system was off, I had it installed in 20 minutes.

I did trim off about 1" of the rear tail pipe yesterday, at the end that inserts into the rear muffler. Tucks up nicely inboard of the rear valence now. I may tweak the hanger hooks so the rear muffler sits a bit higher, but I'm happy with it even the way it is.

Sounds quieter than the old Ansa, but still a full warm tone. I like it!

Flanges and all clamps were high quality pieces. Downpipe is akin to the automatic transmission style - offering more room for you folks with 5 speeds.

I'm so glad someone bothered to make a nice system that doesn't rot apart and actually fits, and isn't $2000. For the price, it simply can't be beat.

Another tip o' the hat to the folks at Ireland!


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I have had the IE system on my car for about 60,000 miles of hard driving in 2 years. It is a great system. I never get tired of the exhaust note. Best I have ever heard

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