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New center link attached steering box/idler arm=hard to turn

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Hi Guys,

NOTE: this is RHD with the idler arm/box with oil that you guys are not used to... if that makes any difference.

I'm in the process of re-assembling my subframe with new bushes, links, ball joints etc.

I have attached the steering box and idler arm to the subframe. But I am having some trouble with the center link.

Firstly the tapered points do not "slide" in easily - if I turn both the steering arm and idler arm to one side, the center links tapered points will fit into holes on the arms, however as I turn the steering to the opposite side it is quite hard to turn, like something is not aligned.

If I try the same with the old center link, I can attach it easy and steering turns from side to side much easier. However, one of the tapered points (the one on the idler arm side) is a little bit loose, I can move it slightly side to side. I don't want to bolt up my new center link - only to wear it out like this old one...

I did a quick search but cant find anyone with these symptoms. I did find a picture posted by c.d. which says to check the steering guide arm for damage. I will have to get the measurements from mine tomorrow as its getting late here.

Not sure what else to look at...


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bongo - disregard my attached diagram - that's for a left-hand

car idler arm. As you state you have right-hand steering with left side

oil filled idler arm unit that is not seen in left-hand drive models.

The new tapered rod ends should be very tight and by hand

almost not be able to move them - and whan installed will

make the steering effort noticable stiffer - especially if your

attempting to turn the steering by grabbing a brake disk

vs turning with the steering wheel - perfectly normal

for new tight tie rod and center rod ends.

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Thanks for the reply c.d.

The new tapered ends of the center link do not move side to side, they do spin if twisted by hand - if that makes sense. They are not the ball-joint type that the tie end rods have...

I am doing all this with the subframe out of the car. Only the steering box and idle arm are attached to the center link at this point - no tie end rods as yet. It just seems like the circle the steering box arm makes and the circle the idler arm makes are slightly "off" - and since the tapered ends of the center link have no side to side movement something is rubbing...

Even with just the steering box and idler arm attached it should be hard to move by hand?


Also, just been reading another thread where they talk about alignment of the pitman arm and idler arm... I did put new seals on the steering box so we did take the pitman arm off.. is it possible its not on correctly?


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