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Parting out 73 tii and 71 in VA - a few scraps left

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new category added....stuff thrown away due to lack of interest.

*******last chance to get any of the parts listed in this post from the 73tii..the remainder are "going away" this weekend as i need the space they are taking up.....*************

Jim added parts from the 71 to bottom of thread.

new parts pics at


73tii car is subj of this thread





more pics here


almost all the tii specific stuff is gone. (shell, engine, brake booster, clock, fuel tank, struts, trailing arms, etc.)

UPDATE - trunk side panels sold.



interior (seats and door panels)

tail lights

tail panel called for.

wiper motor

washer motor

rear brakes

ebrake handle cover

kyb shocks

e-brake cables

heater box

heater valve


turn signal/wiper stalk

headlight stalk

center grill

front turbo sway bar

steering wheel

wiring harness (complete for a normal 02)

black "squarie" grills


e21 all metal radiator

door catches

rear bumper

roundie trunk side cards in fair condition

stuff thrown away...


door pinch welts

trunk pinch welts

stock jack

shift platform and shifter

blue coil (had two)

side glass(all)

rear window (had several)

trunk lid (ok shape)

tii front calipers

tii front hubs

tii master cylinder

E21 bbs wheels (4) (13x5.5 et 18, painted white)

brake booster bracket

sections for short rear chrome bumper

sun visors

steering arms

steering column knuckle

glove box

quarter window glass

4spd driveshaft in great shape

interior and exterior door handles (no key for outers)

half shafts with cv joints. need new boots and repack.

drivers door window regulator/lift

rear axles and hubs

still for sale


interior light

speedo cable

3.64 open diff

trunk lock with key

dash switches

sport mirror (Driver side)

Door hardware in a bag

hirshman antenna, complete, straight, but does not retract. stuck extended. with snazzy red topper.

any other misc bolt, screw part whatever you see in the pics..ask.

for parts from this car, email me at [email protected]

i will update the pbucket link regularly with new pics and delete pics of parts that are sold.

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Guest Anonymous

Still have heater box?

What would you ask for it?



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Agave 71 information:

VIN # 2572558

Built April 16, 1971

"Delivered" April 19, 1971 to Hoffman Motors NYC

Agave code 071

Verona 73tii information:

VIN # 2763484

Built February 19, 1973

"Delivered" February 21, 1973 to Hoffman Motors NYC

Verona code 024

Your Verona was built the day before my Sahara! But mine is not a tii... and I am not parting it out. :-)

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