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cv axle removal

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i know there has probably been a write up on this but i cant seem to find one how do the cvs come out of the diff is it just the bolts on the flange or is there some kind of clip?

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I usually buy an extra $4.50 6mm hex bit for my ratchet, as one tends to get a bit chewed up during removal of really stubborn ones. I throw it away afterward...nothing worse than a tool that ruins fasteners!

With that said, here's how I do 'em:

jack stands.

functioning hand brake, or suitable method for keeping wheel from turning as you apply torque to the bolts.

clean heads of bolts with dental pick. Tap in hex bit with small hammer. remove bolts you can reach with ratchet. Rotate wheel/axle and get the remaining bolts loose.

The CVs come right off the flanges - and the flanges stay with the differential. Pretty easy. Take your time and do whatever is required to avoid stripping out the allen heads of the bolts. Replace any and all damaged bolts. If your car uses locknuts (early cars mostly I think) replace with new ones during assembly.


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+1 on cleaning the bolt heads so the allen goes all the way in. Don't forget to take off the locknuts first if they are there, leaving them on makes removal damn near impossible (ask me how I know!) Since I don't have a parking brake on the track car I use the double vice grip method. While one vice grip often slips, two side by side have enough grip. Rotate so they rest against the trailing arm. A pipe wrench also works.

As mentioned in another recent post, get the flange and bolts threads really clean before putting back together, use locktite and make sure torqued all the way. I use blue locktite, some use red. Having the CV bolts back out and and then shear is no fun!

Fred '74tii & '69GT3

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