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1974 BMW 2002 Pikes Peak Race Car For Sale

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I'm selling this for my buddy, who is working in the UK, all questions and reasonable offers will be forwarded, but may take a day or 2 to respond to. Car is located in Peyton, CO at my house.



There have been some changes for 2013 in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Rule Book - Beginning with the 2013 Race season, RMVRA no longer controls the Vintage Class. The Vintage Class is now under PPIHC jurisdiction. The only cars permitted in the Vintage Class are cars that have been raced in a previous season. This means this car is your chance to get into the class, and you can no longer build a car to compete immediately in the Vintage Class.

from the PPIHC 2013 Rule book, Vintage class, Page 54


"4) Eligible vehicles must have competed in a past PPIHC race. "


Your chance to Race The Mountain begins here:

1974 BMW 2002 -

Over $29K invested in the car alone (over $40K with considerations for both seasons at PPIHC racing and tuning). Car was built in 2009-2010, and on the Mountain for it's first race in 2010. Car meets Safety requirements of PPIHC so after a few personal touches and tweaks, you are ready to race up the Mountain for the 2013 race!

(I'm pretty sure the cage could be FIA compliant by adding A-pillar bars and the 1" support gusset tubes, though I do not know their rule book. I know it will need a couple tubes and gussets, but not much else from what I've been told - This is not a guarantee or requirement list of any sort, just for informational purposes. You will need to make sure you understand and comply with all the rules your particular sanctioning body has for your car.)


PPIHC approved Safety Cage and Floor, 1.75x.095, 1020 seamless tube, 1/16" cold Rolld Plate Floor (except Tunnel)

The cage was built by Metalhaus and Jessi Combs to SCCA GCR for a max weight car, and the PPIHC bought off on that construction.

The floors were replaced (except the tunnel) by Metalhaus with 1/16" cold roll plate and additional formed cross members were added. The floor is painted flat black, so it's a little hard to see the replacement pieces in the pictures. The rear damper towers are solid, and are reinforced with cross bracing and tied into the cage. This is per the rules for PPIHC. I know its kind of hard to see in the pictures, but the trunk picture shows where they poke through into the passenger compartment.

(By the way, Metalhaus was the company of Jake Wreesman & Jessi Combs. Jake is very well known in the Desert Racing Circuit in Southern CA, and is an amazing fabricator, crew chief and driver. Jessi has several TV shows, Rock Crawling and offroad racing fame - both are WyoTech grads, great friends, and top notch fabricators.)

Engine Components - Ireland Engineering

Engine Balance and Build - Ron Williams

Head Porting and Shaving- fine tuned by Ron Williams (German 518 turbo head with massive valves, ports, valve springs, titanium keepers, and been shaved about 2mm. With the pistons, we were just over 11:1)

Springs and Keepers - Ireland Engineering

Re-cut camshaft - Ireland Engineering

Peened Rods

Forged and relieved pistons

Compression ratio over 11:1 - 105+ Octane fuel ONLY - we ran 110 on The Mountain

High pressure and volume pump - Ireland Engineering

Oil pan sump modification - Ireland Engineering

The car has a custom long runner intake made from a 320i, port matched and modified for a Holley 2-barrell. The carb will make up to 220 hp. Carb was modified and set for PPIHC altitude and competition (Mark Sullens was kind enough to help us out on the mountain with tuning during his downtime and when he wasn't needed to support his E-85 cars. He removed the power-valve and helped dial everything in. He's a great guy and true race enthusiast, and he knows his carbs! His website Mark Sullen's E85 Carburetor Conversions ) Our thoughts on a long runner manifold were to hopefully broaden the power band for hill climbing, while allowing the engine to breathe well enough to make power to 8,000+ rpm.

The transmission is not the stock trans. It is a Getrag 245 5-speed, from a 320i. It was opened up for inspection before the 2011 race and all gears/synchros were in excellent condition. It has not been looked at since, but I would be expect it to be the same. One recommendation for running PPIHC again would be to increase 3rd gear ratio, reducing gap between 2nd and 3rd, that seemed to be where we were losing a little time consistently.

Solid engine, trans and suspension mounts - Ireland Engineering

Flat plate clutch - Ireland Engineering

Brake rotors, calipers and pads - Ireland Engineering

Springs - Eibach

Damper - Bilstein

LSD differential with 4:1 gearing

Wilwood pedals, masters, and reservoirs

Throttle pedal has welded toe grab

Custom aluminum center dash

Fire suppression system including engine bay and trunk compartment nozzles

Autobaughn Wheels

Tires have under 100 miles on them and several races left. They were run on 3 tuning days on the mountain, and then one more time up on race day.

5 point harnesses for Driver and passenger

Aluminum Fuel cel with RCI Foam

Baker Race Battery

Momo Seats

There is also another custom, long runner manifold that was used with a speed-density Holley Commander 950 EFI System. This system was used with an Accel ignition and made tons of power in California. We had issues with re-mapping for the 2010 race at 12,000+ altitude, so we took all the EFI stuff off and returned back to a Bosch distributor and carbureted system. The additional custom manifold will go with the car, but the Holley system is long gone and does not come with the car.

We never Dyno'd the car, but on paper with the head porting/shaving, cam, and an approximate compression ratio of 11-11.5:1 - you should be between 205 - 220 HP at 8000-8500 RPM

This car took SECOND PLACE at the 2011 Pike's Peak race in the Rocky Mountain Vintage Class under 4 liters (we were awarded 1st place, but later surrendered it in the name of sportsmanship to a bigger whiner after PPIHC changed the race classes, long story). The car has been stored indoors and is ready to prep and race.

Car is at my house in Peyton CO


NO Trades, Serious buyers Only - NO JOY RIDES

email is fastest, comes to my phone and I can forward to him if necessary easily




















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