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Ignition woes

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So I needed to replace some plug wires, distributor cap and rotor that I had borrowed from friends at this years Ofest when the car was hesitating under acceleration. (We got it running great.) I have crane electronic ignition XR700. Now I cannot get the car to fire (backfiring through carb though) . I have wires connected in proper 1342 order. I know rotor needs to be alligned although I dont know if I have it right. How can something so simple be so maddening? Can the pros here help me, a true amatuer here.

Thanks much, Nate

76 Inca

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Check the plug order again. Back fire through the carb is classic.

Take your rocker cover off and get the engine to TDC so that cam mark, flywheel mark, front pulley etc line up. Both valves on No1 cylinder closed (no tension on the rockers). If you take the distributor cap off now, where ever your rotor is pointing is No 1 plug lead. There should be a line on the distributor that should be centre of the rotor at TDC. It might not be but it helps with this kind of thing if it is aligned.

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Well... you could put a socket on the front pulley. I think it is 30mm.

You could put the car in 4th gear and push it forward

You could just keep bumping the starter and strike lucky

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