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BayArea 02-- 15 December for Not the 49 Mile Drive-12

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NT49MD-12— Not the 49 Mile Drive, Saturday 15 December in 2012

Rally time in San Francisco! Join BayArea 02 on December 15 (3rd Saturday in December) as we rally around San Francisco in our annual Not the 49 Mile Drive. As before we will meet at Ocean Beach (across The Great Highway from Beach Chalet on the West end of Golden Gate Park; Fulton St. is the cross street and the entrance to the Ocean Beach parking lot) between 9 and 9:30 AM. Following our drivers (and navigator’s) meeting, we hope to have all cars away by 10:00 AM. After a couple of hours driving the major, minor and hidden roads of San Francisco we will meet again at a restaurant for lunch and to review the photos that each car has numbered in the order observed during the rally.

This year San Francisco native Beck Diefenbach is reviewing and exploring the roads that make San Francisco famous to include in the route, helping us find the hidden treasures and postcard views that make us glad we live in the Bay Area. We are also considering options for the lunch restaurant, since Red’s Java House yielded their pier parking to the America’s Cup adventure.

Join us for the fun “gimmick” rally, meet up with your friends, learn and enjoy some of San Francisco’s road history and share some of your BMW tales. Although you can drive solo, we recommend bringing a navigator (in Wells Fargo jargon, someone to ride “shotgun” although we do not expect any arrows flying through your car). During the rally your navigator can number the photos we provide in the order you see them on the route.

To see photos from some of the previous “NT49MD” rallys, look at [http] and [http] (Tom Jones’ 2007 rally photos and discussion about last year’s NT49MD). WATCH FAQ'S BAYAREA 02 FORUM FOR THE LATEST DETAILS [http] but be sure to mark 15 December on your calendar for the NT49MD-12 rally!

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Just a reminder: Not the 49 Mile Drive-- next Saturday, 15 December.

Meet at Ocean Beach, San Francisco, across the Great Highway from Beach Chalet, between 9:00 and 9:30 AM. While you can drive solo, a navigator (or even 3!) will make it more fun and provide more eyes to spy the photo locations as you motor around The City. I drove the route yesterday; it's fun and you will even learn about some new locations that will never be on the historic 49 Mile Drive. SF native Beck prepared the route and is taking photos for everyone to ID. We'll continue our conversations at the rally end on TI over pizza (oh-oh, giving away a NT49MD rally stop; but all of you will need to know the end location before you start anyway). Check my previous post for additional details and links. See you there!

Larry Ayers

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