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Parting Out Complete Round Tail Durham NC

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I made a post a couple weeks ago looking for takers of the whole car. Some interest, but no takers. The whole thing will now be parted out. I am willing to ship but will give priority to in person transactions. I will update with pics of individual parts and prices as parts are removed, but feel free to make offers and requests.

Here is the story copied from my first post:

I was told when purchasing it that someone started restoring it in the early 90s and removed all the trim and then left it sit to rot, and rot it did. The fenders are gone, the doors are gone, the hood and trunk lid may be salvageable but I doubt it. The car was last registered in '92 and I have the title for it, not that I think you are going to restore and register this car. That being said, most, if not all, of the trim is in the trunk along with the lights. The chrome bumpers have some surface rust but are in fairly decent condition. The car isn't dry, but the underside is better than a lot of cars I have seen. The pedal box is rotten to the core. I put a battery in the car and the motor did turn. The car has bilsteins in the rear, can't tell in the front. It had some odd mods when I bought it ... 32/36 and a header but stock exhaust. It also had a turbo three gauge cluster which has been removed but I would consider selling separately.

The header and 3 gauge cluster are for sale. Pics to follow.

Here is a pic to get your interest:


Here are the rest of the pics I took:


contact via email through faq

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I will weigh the bumpers later today and try and get a shipping price.

The coilovers are vw rabbit strut housings welded to the 2002 housing. It allows you to run any vw insert instead of being limited to bilsteins. I used tokicos. I would consider it the poor man's version of IE's stage 3 coilovers. Having done it, I am going to redo them and go to bilstein inserts. The VW strut tubes have a larger diameter and on these cars every mm of backspacing you can get counts. I had to add a spacer (IIRC 3mm) to fit my 15x7 et35 wheels which fit with a hair of clearance before I went to this setup.

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