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1975 2002ti from Europe

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Hi, Im Blaz comming from Slovenia, ex Yugoslavia Country.

And here is my 1975 2002 modified to 2002ti.

My love for the 02 has began in high school. Where everyone else was inspired with new ferraries and lambo's i was firstly inspired by e30 then e21 and finally i just realize the feeling of a car with soul. A car with less electronics than most of the things we are encoutering today as human beeings in digital world. I like to say that I am analog guy in digital world. :)

So there it was a love for 02. I heard a lot of stories of this car from my father and my grandmother, who did drive it as a daily car till 25 years ago, just before i was born.

Last 3 years i was devoted to buy one some day. So i began searching them, I did go to see a lot of them (around 4-5) but they were all in really bad condition. So this spring my friend also a 02 lover tells me for one in pretty good condition with also a lot of fine work and paper works too.

I go went to see it, and there it did stand:





So it was a lot of money even for that great condition.

So i did take 2 days to make my toughts straight and not beeing to inspired by it's looks.

So i buy it! Yeah.

I tought there will be a 14 day project and bimmer will be on the road.

But it was 3 months project with a lot of work and papers.

Paper work because when i bought it it was as 1602 eventhough it was originally 2002. This was so because in Yugoslavia there was much more tax for vehicles over 1600ccm. So this car was transformed on papers ans 1971 and 1602. So i needed to get all papers from bmw with signiture and stamp, so i could make it road legal as 1975 2002.

So enough about numbers and facts.

Now there is something that car has now on:

-Weber 40 DCOE double carburators

-E12 head with piano pistons

-Abarth sport exhaust

-Light brown leather interiour

-Alpina E9 and alpina 3 spoke sport steering wheel(now on)

-Alpina gauges up to 220km/h

-Alpina wood shifting knob

-5 alpina lookalike spoke wheels (original bmw but from e21)

-ti/Tii/turbo Brake amplifier and brake cylinder

-turbo front brakes/rear 250mm drums

On car almost everything was taken apart and get it working (around 6000-8000 working hours was done)

Now the pictures:














Now the main problem is that one barrel in weber is leaking fuel and i dont know from where...

When i get to the money again i will upgrade the suspension with bilstain and kw/eibach. Also LSD and 5 speed gearbox.

I have also one 121ti head to be worked on custom camshaft, 48/39 valves and custom exhaust manifold (all done like an alpina).

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So, in Europe is winter comming soon, in that fact i did put my beauty in garage for winter.

But before i did that i did ask my friend(photographer) to make a little photo session (don't have picutres jet), so we also make some movies too.

Movies, why? So that i wont miss my car since he is about 50miles away from my everyday living.

Here it is:

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Very nice car, looks like it's in very good condition. I like the steering wheel.

Nice video for those long winter days without it.

Thanks for sharing,

Enjoy it

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Well, i really appreciate all your coments, that types of comments really give me will to keep on with posting some more stuff.


Well recently i checked my car in his winter "castle" and he is doing just fine. Finnaly i got some photos from last photo session, so here are some:





Now when car is not around, i dont just sit around, so now some of rare stuff has been bought like alipna metal emblems for shell and for valve cover... and some stuff that hasn't been there like seatbelts (now i have instaled e30 back seatbelts that are a bit short and hard to clip).

Also i am working on alpina a2/a2s airbox. This is reconstruction and modification of this(now) really rare piece. Bassicly i want old original look, with sport caracteristics. So im working on providing fresh air with contol volume to provide enough air for any fast changes. This is because air filters are good for constant flow, if there is massive change in pressure thay cannot provide enough air, there is weak spot with bolt od filters. Also im trying to fit ITB air filter inside the box, and at the ends create fake filter housings(one has pipe inside to increase air flow, other is empty to be part od control volume). Housing is going to be from composite (epoxy + fibres), so the housing will also serve as amplifier for carburetor sounds.

Here is one photo of virtual testing, on this one im testing the air flow for the most critical output.


Also feel free to comment.

All the best to you all 02 lovers!

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Ok, so from my last response some things have been done.

Coil was polished and painted with tansparent paint for future details to be polished, while all other is black.


Alpina study for modified/reconstructed air filter for dual carbs has been modeled out from paper in 1:1 scale.


Also seat belts have been buyed, from 02 now.


As many of you may know that i sell one set of this alpina emblems,

i was searched for almost 3 years for those and then i found one set and almost 14days later jet another one. I was so happy because even in europe this are rare as hell.


And now that december is pretty much all about Santa, i got this present under a tree by my friend. Awesome isn't it?



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So now he is awake :)
But unfortunately the valve gaskets are not well so once again the head must go off.
To keep you updated here are some pictures how he looks now...


Hope you enjoy new looks, also seatbelts were removed and instaled original ones rather than rear e30's.

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