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Steering Wheel Swap Question

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Ladies & Gents:

I bought an early e21 wheel off another forum member here.

He is pretty certain it will fit but neither of us are 100%

Does anyone know if it will?

He believes I need to shave a tab off the spacer ring and then it will fit.

Any advise is appreciated.

Here are some pics.









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It looks like a nice sport wheel. The determining factor is whether it has a coarse or fine spline count where it fits the steering shaft. I can't see the one picture of the backside well enought to count the splines.

The switch to a fine spline count was made in mid-1985 and the later wheels won't fit the coarse splines on a '02 shaft. If you take a close up, it may be possible to tell from the picture. If it is a coarse spline it will fit it, but you will have to swap in the correct horn ring and turn signal cancellation tab. I had to trim about 1/4 inch from the bottom of the plastic trim to make the same wheel fit on my '69 2002.

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The horn contact button/assembly will need to be changed, and, depending the year of your car, the turn signal canceling cam may need to be changed as well. See: http://www.bayarea02.com/techtips/320_wheel/index.html

That round plastic shroud rubbed at the front on mine. I ground a bit off by twisting it on the sidewalk. Crude, yet effective!

Thanks for the heads up. Mine is a '76. The wheel pictured in the link you sent is actually the exact one I currently have.

Those instructions you gave me the link to are perfect, thank you!

I'll post pics on this thread once it is installed, thanks again.

- Osh

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