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1976 02 weber conversion instructions

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I've just bought a 1976 02 with standar transmision it's been adapted with a brand new weber carb but it has many hoses disconected,and the diverter vale is out ,i've found 2 used valves in the trunk but both have 3 hole like for 3 hoses,and i have only 2 hoses where to conect it to,1 is the one coming out of air pump and the the other going to the metal tube in the exhaust manifold,where is the other hose goes to ,or is this valve is not the original for a 76,according to the diagram under the hood it is supossed to have only 2 holes for hoses ,can anybody explain that to me pleas.

Also the valve cover has a tube that throws oil out when accelerated,i think that is a sort of pcv valve ,or a it conects somwhere??

Thank You forum.

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Welcome to the FAQ and 2002 ownership!

Sorry to say, but your grammar is really hard to understand...

Where are you at? In the states? Depending on where you are located, you can remove all the smog equipment from your car- pollution harness, all of those funky valves, the EGR/air injector, the air pump and all other associated parts-frees up horsepower and really tidies up the engine bay.

Once you're done with that, if you do it, all you have to do is take the resistor wire out of the pollution control harness and run it from fuse 12 to the coil.

Otherwise, yes, a Weber can be adapted into the 2002's smog equipment- I'm sure some of the California 76 02 owners would be happy to give you a hint or two.

The hose coming out of the valve cover can either be diverted into a catch can or vented back into the carburetor via a tube going underneath the air cleaner assembly. Of these 2 options, a catch can is recommended if the air cleaner does not have a hole cut in it already for the hose (it would just be sucking in dirty air through the hole)- Venting into the air cleaner lets all kinds of condensation and gunk into the engine, and gums up the carburetor sometimes.

Some put a k&n filter over the opening from the valve cover, but I would not recommend that as it will make the inside of your car smell like fumes. Others still run the hose down out the bottom of the engine compartment, venting it to the ground. Again, I would not recommend this- it would smell like fumes and possibly even drip oil on the ground.

Good luck!

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Sounds like the some of the smog equipment was removed. If you are in an area where you do not have to pass any smog tests then you can removed all the electromagnetic vacuum valves and simplify the wiring and the vacuum lines...

You don't need the air pump, diverter valve, EGR ect.

here is a diagram for a 76 with the smog equipment.


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