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Guest gliding_serpent

Magnus Walker video and the love of old cars.

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Guest gliding_serpent

I think we are all birds of the feather here in appreciating what old cars have to offer. As a Porsche and BMW nut, with a soft spot cars with history behind them, I really enjoyed this, and thought some of you would too. This is a 30min video about Magnus and his old 911's.


This video makes me nostalgic about the cars I love. It was a refreshing watch for me as I was drawing my own super hero comic strips at age 6 or 7 with the protagonist driving an 80's 911 turbo or 73 a 911 RS. I always loved Porsche 911's. I grew up around my dad's original owner BMW 73' 2002Tii and also had a soft spot for BMW's.

I am married now with a 5 month old daughter, and finally out of many years of training. I have a modern BMW 3 series for some practical fun, and I have inherited the 2002Tii since my dad got a low miles mint Z4 M coupe. Having driven the 3 at my first BMW high performance driving course this summer past, I was smitten with modern handling and power. The M Coupe has far more thrills to give I am sure, some of which I have been able to taste. But after some time in each I still have a very special feeling that I get from the 2002 that I can;t get from any modern car. There is nothing like blasting past more modern cars in 40 year old kit on a good stretch of winding back roads.

In one such fun run less than two weeks ago, the original (non-rebuilt aside from dual webbers) engine of the Tii gave up the ghost. It happened not long after I mentally declared that the car was the most fun driving outside the track I have ever had.

The engine is being rebuilt as we speak and should be ready for the spring thaw. A new life for a car passed down to a new owner. I look forward to strapping on the original KF injection again, and eventually a suspension refresh. I look forward to tracking it at the next BMW high performance driving course in the new year, just like my dad did back in the 70's when he bought it new.


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He builds amazing 911s!!! I saw this video a while back and the subtle touches he does on each car he owns is quite impressive. He builds these cars to enjoy, and be driven, and not just a museum piece. I can totally relate to this guy because it may be different marques his Porsche mine BMW. When you start to working on them it consumes you like an obsession. The smell of the interior, carbs, and sound of the exhaust wake your senses up!!! If I was lucky enough like Magnus living in LA I would be daily driving a nice 2002. Living in the Rust Belt has given an appreciation for the older vintage cars because you hardly ever see them on the SUV crowded roads, but when you do it makes your morning or afternoon!!!

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