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Need help. im removing my smog harness from my '76.


Following instructions from C0ollinster742002 I have removed most of the harness. Here are the questions I have open.

1) Originally there were 2 wires on the positive of the coil and 2 wires on the negative of the coil. Removing the smog harness and extracting the one wire is going to leave a single positive and single negative wire. Does this sound correct?

2) I have a new blue Bosch coil, so should I run regular wire or the resistor wire from the fuse box # 12 to the coil?

3) When I attach to the fuse box # 12 does it matter which side of the fuse I attach to? I removed a green and green/white wire from the fuse box when I removed the smog harness. I am only attaching back a single wire. Does it matter whether I clip it into the left or right side of the fuse?

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1) there should be 1 new wire to the positive post on your coil (that you have to make) and 2 on the negative side (1 to your distributor points and one to your tach if you have one)

2) with the blue coil you don't need a resistor, just run a straight wire.

3) I believe the original wire to the coil is un-fused, if you have an electric choke or idle solenoid on your carb you will need to run a wire to those too, they were fused. When I replaced mine I ran both the coil and choke/solenoid wires from the fused side and it works fine.

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Thanks for the clear response. I followed the second negative wire in the smog harness and it runs to one of the smog electronic relays.

In the harness that remains, there are 2 wires as it reaches the distributer. One runs to a sensor on the top of the block below the distributer and the other goes into the distributer and then on to the coil.

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