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Update: Looking for advice: 40 DCOE

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I have the opportunity to acquire a set of 40 DCOE Weber side draft carbs with the intakes. From the photo, it seems a little rough, but I'm sure it woud greatly benefit from a complete rebuild and polish them up to look good as new.

Is there anything I should be weary about or pay attention to when I check them out in person? Is there a good source for a rebuild kit? If I make the purchase, I'll definitely be picking up the weber carb book, as this would only be my second (and third) webers that I've rebuilt.


TIPO: 42DCOE 8, No 7378, and 42DCOE 8, No 7133

I ended up purchasing them for what I think is a great price. The intake manifolds are CT London, though it looks like the main vacuum line has been modified and/or welded? The carbs themselves look good on the inside all the parts seem to be in good working condition. There appears to be no linkage included, and one of the mounting bolt holes is broken off, but other then that I am excited to get these up and running.

Anybody near PDX that is very knowledgeable about the 40 DCOE's?







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those look pretty rough. I'd bet you are going to have trouble even opening them up to see what you have/don't have inside of them.

at the least you are going to need to get those dipped/sonic cleaned to get all that gunk off of there.

I'd ask how they were stored (inside away from the elements/outside)

Depending on those bolts, you might get to a point where you get one off ok, the others break. then you have to extract what is left.

I would think of these as parts only until you can get them in your hand and see what you are up against.


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Besides the rough shape - those don't even look to be a matching pair. Maybe it's my eyes or just your pic, but to me, the one on the right seems to have the typ. 40 DCOE cover I'm used to seeing, but that one on the left looks different. Besides that attached plate/flange mounted to the top edge of the inlet side of the cover, the little hump on the back of the cover also looks centered, not offset to the right, like the other one is.

So besides trying to determine what the internals/components are [what chokes, jets, etc. it has in them] -- I think you should first confirm the 'type' (tipo) of each carb - they don't look the same. Ideally a set of DCOEs should be the same 'type' or a matched pair of 'types' (like 18/19s).



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Also, does anybody have a good recommendation for which book to tune these carbs?

My next step is to tackle the exhaust. Anybody have a favorite manifold they like to pair up with the 40 dcoe? I'm more interested in low end grunt then top speed... But I'm not at all knowledgeable about the changes in the powerband based on different header lengths. A lot more learning is ahead of me before any of these things get installed.

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