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Bought 1976 BMW 2002 need help

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i recently purchased a 1976 bmw 2002 the car had many things replaced like spark plugs,cables,carburetor,and fuel pump. the car was starting up right and everything no problem i then stopped using it for a week but the car just turns over but dosnt start up, i press the gas and the fuel filter looks empty like if gas dosnt pass through. i then added gas in the carburetor and then with a couple of turns it starts up. i need help determining whats the problem.


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Lack of punctuation appears to be an issue, followed closely by spelling.

Indeed my good sir. Fuel pump problem! Does your 2002 have the normal mechanical fuel pump attached to the cylinder head or has it been converted to an electric pump? We need to know that before we can help further....

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1. disconnect the output hose from the (mechanical) fuel pump, have someone turn over the engine while you hold a catch can under the output nipple. You should get a healthy squirt of fuel. If nothing, next...

2. closely examine the rubber fuel lines between the pump, filter and where the rubber line connects with the clear plastic fuel line at the firewall. If any of the hoses appear cracked, replace them. If any of these hoses have cloth braided covers, replace 'em--they're original, and when they crack you can't see the cracks for the cloth braid. Mechanical pumps don't have much suction if the inlet hoses are porous.

3. examine the short rubber hose that connects the fuel pickup pipe at the gas tank with the clear plastic fuel line at the gas tank--same reason as #2 above. That little hose is often overlooked and is probably the original one.

Once you've replaced all the suspicious-looking hoses, repeat test #1 again. If the pump still doesn't function, try and borrow a replacement one to determine whether your pump is shot, or it's something else.

Happy troubleshooting & let us know whatcha find


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